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- The Buying Process -How we open gates for you

Karen Monkemeyer


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    Flowchart of the Process

    As a Buyer’s Agent, it’s our responsibility to ensure the purchasing process goes as smooth as possible. The following is a flowchart of the major milestones in the process. There is much more to each of these bullet-points, which we will explain and walk you thru when you choose to work with us.
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    Proof of funds

    Please provide us with either a “Proof of Funds” letter if you are paying cash, or a “Pre-Approval Letter” if you will be obtaining a loan. (Find a list of our preferred lenders in the Resources tab.)

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    Properties catered to you

    We will send you properties that are specific to your needs. We can even specify if you are looking for properties with something specific like Outbuilding, Barn, Indoor Arena, etc.
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    We can show you ANY property on the market…no matter who has the listing…even if it’s a FSBO.

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    We are available to show you properties 7 days a week. Some sellers require 24 hour advanced notice, so as soon as you see a property you like, let us know so we can coordinate schedules between all parties and get you in to see the house!
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    When you find your dream property, we will research comparable properties that have sold to advise you what the market prices are and how much you should offer.
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    Negotiate offers…not only offer price, but inspection issues and/or appraisal issues.

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    We will help coordinate inspection dates and times as well as be at the home with you during the inspection. View our recommend Real Estate Resources page.

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    Final Walk-Thru

    A Final Walk-Thru will be scheduled a day before or day of the closing.

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    Closing & Follow-up

    Closing day is exciting but sometimes a little nerve racking. We will be at the closing table with you along with your attorney and lender. Our closing team is very pro-active in making sure everything is ready for closing. Occasionally, an unexpected issue may arise. If it does, our closing team is quick to get on the phone and resolve any issues. We will check in with you after closing to make sure all is well and that you are settling into your new home nicely.